Bloomington, Indiana's FIRST 24-hour fitness center

Iron Pit Gym


24 Hour Key Fob Memberships

24-hour access

24 Hour Key Fob allows access to the facilities, including sauna 24/7/365

The key fob can be carried on most keychains. During non-busines hours, simply wave your key fob in front of the reader until it beeps and unlocks the entrance door. Then scan your key fob at the service counter. You are now ready for a great workout! It's that simple.

You must be at least 18 years old to hold a 24 Hour Key Fob Membership. A key deposit of $20 is required.

The following membership plans are offered:

Three Months Six Months One Year AutoPay**
Single $120 $215 $320 $30
Husband/Wife $190 $320 $425 $45
3 Person Family $245 $420 $525 $60


**Requires debit/checking account

Special Membership Options

Here are some additional membership options. Contact us for prices and to see if you are eligible for special discounts:


The following methods of payments are accepted:

Online Memberships!

Buy a new membership or Renew your existing membership online! Did your membership expire and your key fob get deactivated? No worries, go online and get your key fob reactiveated immediately...